October 6, 2011

blooaaa~teedd Thursday...

Let’s make it fast, simple and snappy….
Currently..i was literally not feeling well.. PMS!!! Say hello to the hormone once again!! Oh totally..i feltl bloated since yesterday! Couldn’t sleep well last night and I was chickening out of something that I was truly didn’t know…perhaps, emotional imbalance….!! I couldn’t sleep in darkness and I need a dim light! glad I had that for emergency!

Lately….hmmm what was going on for 2 0r 3 weeks before??...check it out!! :
I had bought a new smartphone that I was really keen about.. (2 weeks ago)..my decision was to take this Samsung galaxy S plus….weee!!!i love it so much!!! Still in the process of discovering my new smartphone!!!hmmm..thank God for all the livelihood!!!
Since last weekend was really a layback for me….i have given a try for facial treatment.. “imperial beauty &body care, grand millennium …..my review : loving in so much!!!and I felt satisfied with the services. At least it worth for that Rm 96!! Thumb to Imperial beauty& body care !!! (the result : my face dosen't looked reddish...oppsie...naked face!)

And now….i’m still waiting for the makeup ( sephora moonshadow baked palette) that I had ordered since August……hmmm it takes so long for that..but I’m lucky that it costs me ($28) for that during the new product launched! Now, it costs ($ 50)!!! Thank God …I bought it earlier!.....so, the status : pending for the shipment…hmm…I need to wait till mid of this October then….

Well…that’s all for now..!

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