September 21, 2011

~kaingaran here I come~

Well, this was my second time going to Kaingaran, Tambunan and it was really wonderful place that I kept on missing as well as finding the peace that I never get somewhere else except here at Kaingaran.. far from hustle and bustle

I don’t know how to describe it, it was not all about the places but it was about your feeling, your thought, and the place that connected all together. Perhaps, people might said that going to “ kaingaran” for sure you will become a “sister” or “ brother”..but that weren’t true if it wasn’t your calling….

sometime, people went to kaingaran to find peace, to heal their silent sadness that hard to describe even by the word itself, to improve themselves as well as because they’re weak and they need some prayers and healing process….others might said that going to such places, you are truly “faithful” but I guess that wasn’t the best term to judge…people went to such places because they knew that they were just a human being that always make mistakes and need God’s intervention to show them the right direction in every aspect…

September 15, 2011

“ Mamula moon” day??

JUST MAKE IT SHORT AND SIMPLE…..I Know this from my friend ….

Well, I don’t know the real story about this “ Mamula Moon” but it was really sounds like our national, who copy –right who? I was totally had no idea…so, just let you all listen the song…and what says you???

By the way, Happy Malaysia day!!!Proud to be SABAHAN!!!!