September 23, 2009

I met a Magician

hmmm....i'm wondering??

Well…well…it seems that I’m too relax at the moment as well as enjoying my holidays so much… what do you expect? 1 week of holiday…so, appreciate the precious time as much as you can.. and that’s what I am doing….ehehheh…I was actually having my Raya at my friend’s house with two more friends yesterday night and we really enjoyed meeting my friend, BB. It had been such a long times since our last hung out with her…until we didn’t realize that it was 10 pm…I guess there was too many thing to talk about….but after all I enjoyed the mini reunion.. hahah!
After Raya, I guessed…It was a great night to mingle a little bit as my friend Anna suggested to hang out at the D’ junction for a while….while waiting for her sister finished her work…just a little soft drink with non alcoholic flavour to our drinks sometimes would be better when unexpectedly we met this Sabahan magician…ehehhe…hmm…it was cool with his magic really made us impressed and a little bit quizzical on how he did the magic..geee…was I been hypnotized or was I stupid with the tricked? Maybe both …I wasnt sure, but we enjoyed his magic..ehehe..for your information, he wasn’t doing the performance there but he was actually seating just beside us…when suddenly he showed us his magic!!!you really going to be “David Blaine” wanna be….geee!!awesome…
I didn’t knew how to described it but he borrowed one of the Bartender’s ring and he was asking me and my friend, Anna to hold the straw at both side when suddenly he held at the middle of the straw.. and tadda!!!the ring was inside the straw so suddenly..ggeeeeeeee!!how he did it???i was thinking very hard ..of course it just a trick but I saw it right in front of me….and up to now I’m still thinking…how he did it? OMG!! That’s sound quizzical!! But here was the evidence ….he gave me his business card which inside the card, there were three things which were the fork, spoon as well as the knife in a proper condition… so, he asked me to sign on that card.. Only on one card as he got many…so I signed my name on it…and he asked me,..
“Do you still remember what was on the card? Now just give me 2 things inside the card that you like.”
. so, I said… “Spoon and knife.” Then he said…
“so you don’t want the fork? Here you go…”
Out of the blue, he gave me the only card that I signed and OMG!!!the fork seemed to be broken….hahhaha!!!!that’s interesting….how I wish I can learn even just one trick!LOL!!and I still kept the card!!... I’m wondering if let say I don’t want the might the knife look like???hmm… Anyway, that’s the great and entertaining night of all!

September 7, 2009

I am a stewardess…

what if??

adjectives: comparative and superlative exercises

I have two be a lecturer and to be a stewardess….that’s was when I’m small and until today..…Hmmm….i’m wondering how would it be if I am a stewardess?? How would it be to have different option than the qualification that I had?? Would it be better??or would it be worse???or even worst….how would it be turn into a new leaf and make something out of expectation from lecturer and transform to stewardess… how would it be fly high to the blue blue sky and smiling to the passengers….serving a drink… and say.."would you like some orange juice??"

Now yes..i’m almost there….i’m almost choosing my second though..but I am pretty sure with my own path that make all the difference in my own journey… and yes…I am an educator and my life is about educating people to be a better person in the future and even education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible enslave..and that’s why I’m there….that's why i'm a lecturer and not a stewardess..ahhahah

I guess…nahh…I can’t be stewardess ..hahahha lol!!!


September 2, 2009

Something spooky behind the solitary..

Finally… yes. I’ve got something to share…even it was not that hot or any exciting story but perhaps it was something good to share...well, I almost forgot to tell you that last night I supposed to have a night class but since there’s was no student as yesterday was the first semester started.. , so it was pretty bored to sit at my desk and work out with brainy ideas to tell something inside my blog which at the end, it was totally useless… but what I didn’t told you about last night was…well, I’ve been given a class which was the most furtherest classes to attend and it was really damn dark especially the path to go to the class which sometimes made my hair stand straight…imagined..compared to other lecturers, my class was at the end of the corner from other classes which was considered far from others.well, as a newbie of that college, of course I knew nothing about the place..but it was scary because in this college they usually switched off the light and locked the door of the classroom everytime its finished and when there was a class, we have to switch them on and OpenSSL the door by ourselves…

So, same thing to do, I have to switch on the light and open the door by myself which actually made me a little bit felt the spooky silly things inside my brain especially when the place was a little gloomy and numb as well as too quiet and far from other lectures. Sometimes, I didnt know why my brain loved to think of something horror. Who knows, inside the darkness where you were struggling to open the door, suddenly there was someone sitting inside the class during the darkness… yay!!! Oh no!!!..for sure I will run as fast as the train!!hahah…

So, I did told some of the lecturer regarding to my class venue, which out of the blue, now I knew one story…beside the class that I entered it did happened where some of the student ever saw ghost while they are doing their project inside the video’s not the camera trick but that was a true mysterious presence of a unknown supernatural…geeee….if I knew the story at the first place, I will never let myself to enter the class alone yesterday!! Now I know, so next week for sure I’ll change the classroom to the nearest places especially night classes!hahah!