August 4, 2008

Blogger Gathering in Imperial Hotel, Warisan Square

i love this one..very unique pineapple of Olumis Borneo Batik..ehheh

p/s: Roy i take this pictures ok...this is me and my friend, Joan..she's a teacher now..ehheh (actually i want to attach more pictures..tapi jan la marah nanti si Roy semua gambar tempat dia sa ambil)hahahahh...:)

taken by other blogger

Well…guess what?hmmm it was a lovely Saturday when I finally didn’t do anything at home. Doing my report for my practical was the only things that make me busy and bored…chatting, surfing to other people blogs and website was fun but still make me bored to stay at home. I don’t know. Maybe I’m a person who loves to see outside. Going to some adventure places and have a new experience to discover about my life. Besides, my lovely dear was not around and went back to his hometown was really make me bored here in KK. Usually, I was the one with so much ideas and plan where to go..but of course my favourite activity was to go shopping and taking photo whenever I like..but since my dear was not I’m thinking what I need to do..heheh…but luckly, thanks to Roy, one of my lovely friend invited me to go to Bolgger Gathering in Imperial Hotel. I was a bit blur with that? Gathering? What kind of gathering? what am I supposed to do there?..damn I really don’t have any ideas…but since I was bored..why not I joined the gathering..hehe….attending the gathering was the coolest thing I never imagined and it was awesome. seeing beautiful people, handsome, beautiful places..haahha... sangat2 mencuci mata..hahahha….but that was fun…and I enjoyed myself…and guess what?

I never thought that I will meet Joan there…she was one of my friend and cute as I would say…besides, I also met Susan, Charlie…the Olumis Borneo Batik owner’s cousin as well as Boy..(Octavian) the owner of Olumis Borneo Batik House...but I don’t know if he saw me that night? But where was her sister? Junzuenn..(Girl)…ehhehhe…I wonder where??hehehe….but thank God I told my dear that I attended the gathering..heheh…at least he knows…hehhe….but honestly speaking that was a very nice moment to attend the gathering !!!!keep it up!!and thanks to Roy for the invitation…you are my lovely friend..heheh..and to you Joan..glad that you went to my place if not..perhaps I didn’t saw you that night…